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Azar chat application is a seemingly unique and exclusive chat system that brings a different understanding to the traditional chat system. Azar video chat allows you to interact with the people in the pairing that you see in seconds. The millions of people you can communicate through smartphones allow you to meet different languages ​​and cultures in 130 different countries of the world. The free application allows you to take advantage of in-app purchases and privileges.

How to Use Video Chat – Azar Chat APP

start random video chat

start random video chat

Azar is a high-quality brand that emerged in the near future when mobile applications are spread. Omegle alternative video chat service and is known by everyone. However, it provides us with some facilities provided by mobile applications. One of these is to send private messages to the people you chat with. It’s also a beautiful social space where you can chat with your friends for free and send each other a gift. One of the features that make Azar video chat more privileged is that you can choose gender and region. In this way, people are looking for a friend can find more comfortable.
Download the app by typing Azar install from the App Store or Google Play from your smartphone. Then you can create your user name and start chatting with people in seconds.

With VIP membership, you can change your position and recognize new people from different countries. Thanks to Video Chat, you can get to know many different people and add them to your friends list. Azar provides a realistic revolution to the chat system.

How to Download Video Conversation

It is possible to make Azar video chats from all phones with IOS and Android operating system.

When you type Azar video chat download which can be uploaded to all smartphones, it can be downloaded free from Play Store or App Store. There are 18 years of age to use the free app and users can gain precious stones by complaining about inappropriate people.

With Azar video chat, it is possible to suspend the account of distracting people and to get away from the system. With billions of matches, everyone can meet new people to reach new cultures.

Recognition of New People in Azar

When people choose the internet to socialize, there are many options. These options are generally based on getting to know new people and chatting. Azar, which can be easily followed from smart phones, can be satisfied with the recognition of new people.

Azar application is known as video chat application. You can use the application as a fee or you can use it for free. After subscribing to Azar from the Azar registration tab, you can meet the users who are active in the application and chat with them.

How Can I Meet New People in Azar?

After you register with Azar, you can meet the users who use this app from all over the world, you can be friends. Slide the screen to the left to meet people in different locations. If you want to meet a new person, move the screen to the left again. Once the video starts you can start exploring new friends! However, you should wait for the video to start.

Azar site is an application used in more than 190 countries. You no longer have to travel far to meet people around the world! With Azar application, you can meet new friends via internet.

What is Number 10 and What does it work for?

Many users who use the Azar program wonder the answer to the question, us What is Number 10? Az. What is the Azar program before explaining the answer to this question? will be much more responsive to the question.

Azar program is a chat platform that you can use for free. Before you can use the application, you must create an account or open your Azar account from your Facebook and Email addresses. Once you’ve created your account, you can add your profile picture by entering your personal information.

Number 10 is an icon indicating that users like each other in Azar program. If you like someone you talk to in Azar, you can say it with Number 10. However, collecting the Number 10 does not mean that you can win precious stones free of charge.

What is a Gift Feature and How to Use It?

In Azar video chat program, there is a gift feature that users use continuously. But here is an important point to pay attention to. It is also that the gift you will use is the gemstone of the property.

You can find it on the Discover gift feature tab. After opening the Azar program, slide the screen to the left and click on the gift symbol that appears on the right. You can choose from 100 or 30 ğ 10 Number ”packages.

How Can I Get a Gold VIP Badge?

So, what is the practice of scolding, which has been used quite recently and is rapidly becoming widespread in the field of use?

The main aim of Azar is to meet and meet people from all over the world. Azar app is free. However, when you use this application for free, you will only be able to meet people in your home country.

If you are a VIP member in Azar program, you can benefit from some privileges free of charge. We can list them as follows:

You can use the rear camera.
During pairing
you can block advertisements.
Close your VIP badge and open
You can make changes to your user name.
Choose your region preference
If you want to receive a gold VIP badge, you must first purchase VIP membership. After purchasing this feature, you can open the Gold VIP feature from the membership menu. You can get VIP membership by clicking on the crown icon on the top right of the screen.

How can I change my username?

Video chat After you subscribe to Azar, you may want to change your username. You can do this by purchasing a yap VIP Membership ”, Değiştirme One Time User Name Replacement Product Bunu.

VIP Membership: You can change your username by purchasing VIP membership. You can purchase VIP membership by clicking on the crown shape on the top right of the screen.

One Time User Name Replacement Product: You can change your user name by purchasing the Single Time User Name Replacement Product. However, when you purchase this package, your user name is only permanently modified once. You can change your username as much as you want in the video chat drunk program when you buy the user as VIP. If you leave the VIP membership, your username will return to its original state.

Azar video chat

Today, with the technology of communication and socialization, this time in Turkey and more than 20 million video downloads Azar in the world, especially from high-demand college students among young people was intertwined with the download of 150 million IM application. The application provides uninterrupted video calls to users and enables video calls to users in the country. One of the reasons why the application is widely used by university students is that it is possible to speak a foreign language and speak to other citizens instead of just speaking in your own language.

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