Azar Chat Program to Find Friend

Azar, the mobile equivalent of YUYYU which makes a cardboard

The online chat service has had some success a few years ago, despite its sometimes unexpected nudity and some strange users, but it seems that the Internet has moved on since then. But the Korean application Azar wants to bring the idea up to date, this time on mobile, using the same principle: two unknowns are put in relation randomly, and the discussion starts with the video bonus.

Azar Chat Program to Find Friend

The application is not entirely new, however, since it was launched nearly three years ago in Asia, before being gradually deployed in nearly 200 different countries, where a growing number of users try. Recently, its publisher Hyperconnect has released some figures that make the head spin: more than 100 million downloads made around the world, for a total of nearly 13 billion connections between strangers.

Azar however pushes the concept of Yuyyu a little further, since many more agenda features have been added. As with Tinder, once connected to another person, you can simply slide your finger to the edge of the screen to end the discussion and move on to the next. As for Snapchat, the application offers filters to integrate in its image and which will be added to the current discussion.

As for Whatsapp, it is possible to add a contact in a friends list to continue private conversations with in the future.

You knew the dating sites, tinder and ! Well, we present Azar a combo between the three!

Azar, the new dating app, this time by video chat! (Available on Android as on IOS)

Features, Concept and Presentation of Azar chat

On the same principle as Tinder, you swipe in search of a new partner. Except that here is not a profile that appears, but a video conversation that starts!

Every time you zap, you are put back in direct contact with a new partner and you can exchange via video!

It’s random and therefore there is no question of criteria and so on. However, there is still a profile associated with your account! With photos and summary info. Hence my comparison also to a dating site.

Another option on Azar, the possibility to invite your facebook friends. Either it’s not super interesting, but it can also be a way to renew links or get news from some people you do not see often or with whom you exchange very rarely!

Well I was not necessarily a fan of these random video chat because it drives some drifting .. But it’s fun! And for once it’s on mobile, so it changes a little!

Azar is not just a dating app, since as mentioned above you have a profile but you also have your group of friends. So like Skype, you can make video calls with them!

As a bonus, there are some fun filters to stay a little bit anonymous on the random chat.

In short conclusion:

Azar is frankly interesting and to have done the test, it is not filled / riddled with people wanting to show other than their good will or face!

We saw that there were “gems” paying on Azar, but I went around the app and I did not find what they were used for at the moment, if anyone knows, I am prenneur of the answer.

In short, we liked Azar, but it’s open to the world, and you can fall to a very different country.

Excellent application, do not trust more and just download the Azar. When you had your first real conversation with your Swedish friend, you will feel super nice! Download Azar chat application now without question, if you are open to the world!

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