Azar Friendship and Chat Web Site

Azar Friendship and Chat Web Site

Greetings dear readers. Today we will talk about Azar chat and friendship application. Did you ever tried the Azar app that is used all around the world? No? So you must blame yourself for missing an application that is so beautiful, so useful and that will revolutionize our lives. Have you looked at it? Good … Where do I start? Ah yes, let’s talk about the features of Azar chat web application.

The utility of the application: Azar chat application

In summary, the application allows you to chat with people you do not know but with whom you can talk, and if you want to move to the next person you move your finger to the left. There you go. Ah yes, the application is called “Azar” because the meetings are by chance … You have grasped the thing?

Here it is, sincerely the kind of useless application par excellence, especially if the application is free, it offers both women and men. If, for example, you only want to meet women, you will have to pay. Not only this application is useless, but in addition it is based on the principle of, except that the latter was dead a few months after being created (the time to make the buzz what), we know what awaits in Azar.

Azar review and information:  Chat web site

As for the advertising itself, the video does not have sound, already. So clearly, the video is made for the purpose of automatic reading. It presents the application in a few seconds, I guess it’s the same time that it takes when you use this application. And the people in the ad who interact with the girl who constantly zaps the people she has on the screen of the mobile phone are part of the same scenery, to believe that they are next.

There you go. There is really nothing to say about this application, it is simply useless and rotten, I do not see the interest, it will not fizzle anyway and then from the moment the application must advertising on Facebook to make itself known is that people have deemed the application useless enough to look into it. Yes, this time it’s not a copy of Tinder (except the way you zap people on Azar) but basically, it does not prevent this application is really useless. I can not wait to see what will be released later!

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